The Value of Innovation

by | Nov 6, 2020

Innovation is such a buzz word. The idea of doing something new may seem attractive, but the true value of innovation lies within the shifts in efficiency and impact. Work smarter, not harder. Derive more value from what you create. Be curious. Because true innovation can only be as good as the impact it creates.

Work It Out

  1. Reflect on a time where you found yourself being innovative. What was created? What was the impact? How did it shift your efficiency?
  2. Reflect on through your current work portfolio. Where can you be more innovative? What shifts can you make to lead to greater efficiencies or greater impact?

Make It Matter

Nona Jones encourages us to step into innovation by “Being curious. Reading books that can give you new insights, new paradigms, and new ways of thinking.” Where is your curiosity leading you? Choose a new book or podcast to dive into that provides a different perspective.

Close the Gap

With Yourself

Feel like you’re running low on fresh ideas? Get creative with 8 Ways to Fuel Innovation, a series of thought-provoking TED Talks to inspire new and experimental thinking.

With Others

Lead with curiosity within your relationships by seeking what is truly influencing your friends & coworkers. Try asking them:

  • Where do you find yourself being the most innovative?
  • What voices have had the largest impact on you most recently?
  • What shifts have you made toward better efficiency at work? Where did you learn this from?
With Workmatters

Take a moment to browse other Workmatters resources like on-demand learning and presentations from past Workmatters Conference speakers like Nona Jones. If you are an early-career professional, consider deepening your faith-and-work journey by applying for the Workmatters Institute, an intensive spiritual formation and professional development program, at workmatters.org/institute.

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