The Veil Was Torn – Don’t Replace It!

by | Apr 22, 2019


Yesterday, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. Now it’s Monday and we’re back to work. But the story doesn’t end here!

When Christ died, the veil in the temple that separated God from relationship with His people tore open. Our spiritual life is as relevant today at work as it was yesterday at church. There is no sacred and secular divide! Your job and your calling to the workplace is as spiritual as that of a pastor or missionary.

In this video, Sean Womack, Founder and Publisher, Field Media, explains how developing a theology of work helps us understand our calling to the workplace. And developing a “theology of work” is not overly complicated!

Essentially, your “theology of work” is how you understand what you do in the context of the biblical narrative. Sean encourages us not to think of the Gospel story as only fall and redemption, but to look at the wider biblical narrative. At Creation, God gave us the charge to subdue the earth, to make the world a better place. Having a “theology of work” means understanding the role of our work in this context.

So what is your theology of work? How do the various aspects of your work redeem and restore something that is broken?