There Is Synergy In Cooperation

by | Mar 12, 2019

Welcoming outside voices, accepting the help and input from those not on your team or project, might not serve your own vision, but it may very well serve the larger vision of your organization. When you seek out others because they offer perspective different than your own, you’re creating an environment in which synergy can flourish.

There is synergy in cooperation, literally. “Work together,” as it is translated in 3 John 1:8, comes from the Greek word, synergos, the root word for synergy. The writer of 3 John praises Gaius (the letter’s recipient) for his loving welcome of visiting believers. They had been strangers to him, but he learned that showing “hospitality to such people” allows us to “work together for the truth.” In this same way, when we at work are committed to the same goals as those who join our team or come in to help, we must remember to welcome with kindness “such people so that we may work together.” This is a model, rooted in Scripture, that creates synergy across our teams and organizations.

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