Three Ways to Embrace Vulnerability and Change

by | Jul 20, 2016

Do I have what it takes?

I’ve asked this many times as I experience a new season of deep growth and change. In the last six months, I have graduated from college, lost and gained friendships, moved into my first place and jumped into my first career.

As I look ahead and see the exciting opportunities of my new life quickly approaching, I also see the challenges that come with facing the unknown – discomfort, possible rejection, defeat and downright awkwardness.

At times, we all face the temptation of wanting to run away from the obstacles we face in work and life. However, choosing to embrace unfamiliarity produces something truly incredible.

One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly writes,

“Wholeheartedness. There are many tenets of Wholeheartedness, but at its very core is vulnerability and worthiness; facing uncertainty, exposure, and emotional risks, and knowing that I am enough.”

As Brown points out, when we choose to take those steps into the unknown and sometimes uncomfortable circumstances, we also find a sense of wholeness and growth.

So if you are in a season change at work or in life…

  • Journal your thoughts and fears – Even if you are not a writer, seeing your thoughts and processing them on paper will allow you to see the situation from a new perspective.
  • Open up to your people – Often times we feel alone in whatever our situation is, but this is why Jesus stresses community with others, so we can connect and encourage. Psalm 133:1, Romans 12:16
  • Pray – When we allow ourselves to listen to the Lord, we connect and listen to His voice rather than the finite voices around us. Jeremiah 33:3, Jeremiah 23:16

We are created to experience and live our faith boldly, even in the uncomfortable seasons. Use these precious times to not only grow in endurance, but in knowing the Lord more.

This is not a simple overnight transition, but a choice to wake up every morning and decide to be rooted in Christ, which produces the ability to find comfort and courage in Him amidst our current and future situations.

“For God did not give us a spirit of fear or timidness, but of power and a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7