Welcome to YOUR New WorkMatters Blog!

Do you need help living your faith at work? Of course you do. We all do!

Our new WorkMatters website is our latest effort to provide you with timely relevant resources to help you close the gap between your faith and work.  

This new blog is an important component of our strategy to help equip you to be the biblical leader at work that you want to be. When you subscribe, you will receive 1-2 short, relevant blogs per week from me and the rest of our WorkMatters team. On occasion, we will also invite other significant thought leaders to post, as well.

I will continue to blog on my Closing the Gap blog. My posts will also be included here on this new WorkMatters blog, so you will be able to receive that content here or at David Roth Blog.

We want this new WorkMatters Blog to be an extremely valuable tool in your faith at work journey. I encourage you to use it as a resource to engage others in a conversation about living our faith at work. I encourage you to share this Blog via email, social media and word of mouth with your coworkers, friends and family. We envision thousands of leaders all over the world sharing in this faith at work content.

We are all on a journey, aren’t we? We struggle with our work. We want to grow as leaders. We want to be the same person at work that we are in our personal lives. Welcome to the new WorkMatters website and blog. May it become a place of inspiration to live your life with greater purpose and meaning!

Until the gap is closed,

David Roth

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  1. Rebecca Reading

    Thank you for such a great and helpful website. God bless.

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