What Are You Willing to Lay Down?

by | May 17, 2017

Most of us identify ourselves and others with our work … What do you do? Who do you work for? What did you do before? These questions are key identifiers for much of the adult world, as we spend half of our adult life at work.

But is it the primary identifier for who we are? Test yourself — if you were told today that your job was being cut, how would you respond?

Would you feel shame, rejection, isolation and fear, or would you walk boldly in faith and find rest, peace and hope knowing that God has a perfect plan in store for you?

Unfortunately, this has happened to many people recently. I asked myself this same question, but played it out, not with  just my job, but my family, friends, relationship, etc. The thought of a certain person or aspect of my life being taken away without notice scared me. But what scared me more was thinking about how I would feel afterward, and more importantly where my identity and hope was coming from. Was my identity in my earthly success and possessions, or the Lord?

Looking into Genesis 22, we see a perfect example of someone who exemplified having his trust and identity in a greater purpose than himself. Abraham was appointed by God to bring many people into the world, but he and his wife, Sarah, were not able to have a child of their own. God then gave Abraham and Sarah one son, Isaac, but then God called Abraham to offer this son as a sacrifice to Him.

In a moment when Abraham may have questioned, and most likely wrestled with confusion and immense pain in giving up his promised son, Abraham responded with trust and faithfulness to the Lord, knowing that his plan may change, but God remains the same.

This world does not guarantee us consistency. In fact, many of you are walking through situations right now where something that was consistent for you is no longer present. Unfortunately, it is not until we are in these moments of inconsistency that we find what is consistent in this life.

If you are in a situation where your identity is being tested, follow the steps of Abraham — trust God and remember whose you are. When Abraham obeyed God’s command and was about to sacrifice Isaac, God immediately stopped Abraham and provided a ram as a substitute and then blessed him for his faithfulness to Him (Genesis 22:12). 

If you are not currently in a position where your identity is uncertain, remember that our natural tendency is to find our identity within the tangibles around us — our title, our income, our relationships, etc. and these are all things that can be gone in a moment.

No matter what position you are in right now, I challenge you to pray for the ability to surrender all to the Lord, the Provider of all we have. Pray for the faith and strength of Abraham to lay everything down for the Lord.

Then, you may find that this was God’s purpose all along and that the stress of our jobs or that longing desire for more in our life will finally be satisfied knowing that He is the only one, true lasting place of hope and fulfillment.

Make your work matter,

Elise Farrell

Marketing Manager, Workmatters