When You Can’t, Lean In

by | Apr 16, 2019

Prayer in community is one of the most powerful tools Jesus left us with. It allows us to hold one another up in the good times and the bad. You don’t have to have it all together – and neither does everybody else! Sharing our needs, requests, and even our shortcomings, creates space for others to share their own.

Not everyone has a spiritual community they can lean into at work. If you don’t have a solid group of believers in the office, that’s okay. Remember that God has placed you right where you are for a reason. Perhaps it is time to build a community right where you are!

Consider inviting a small group of coworkers to coffee, start a lunch club. Or set up a Workmatters study group. (Our Integrity at Work study is relevant to EVERYONE in the workplace, whether they know Jesus or not.)

And if you’re looking to connect with a community of believers in the marketplace, join the Workmatters Facebook group. You’ll be amazed at what God accomplishes through you when you open yourself up to community.

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