Why Can’t You Find the Perfect Mentor?

by | May 14, 2019

The problem with seeking out the perfect mentor is that, outside of Jesus, that person does not exist. The key to finding a mentor is to find someone who is really good at what they do in an area in which you desire growth. This person doesn’t need to be a boss or someone who works for you or even someone who works with you.

Shelley Simpson, EVP; Chief Communications Officer; and President, Highway Services for J.B. Hunt Transport, is often sought out as mentor. But just because she’s sought out doesn’t mean she has it all figured out. Shelley would suggest that she’s just been doing it longer than those who seek her out.

Who is someone you admire in a particular area? Go and seek them out. They don’t need to be a boss or a well-known leader. And you don’t need to ask for a formal mentoring relationship from the start. Simply seek out someone who is better than you at something and ask if she or he might be willing to help you grow.

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