Why Do Some Compliments Fall Flat?

by | May 23, 2019

Loving others at work goes far beyond topping off the Keurig with water and making it a point to say good morning each day. Loving others at work puts to the test our commitment to modeling the character of Christ. Jesus listened. And Jesus spoke up.

Do you speak up when people gossip with you (or around you) about a coworker? How do you respond when an executive leader is disrespectful to her team? Sincerity means we actually live out the command we received as followers of Christ. We need to love one another when it’s hard, when we feel small, and when we face rejection.

Speaking up also includes calling out the good. But don’t limit your praise to simply saying, “Great job!” Tell your direct report or peer why you think he or she did such a great job. This speaks loudly to others – especially if you’re one who isn’t afraid to give specific critical feedback.

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