“Why Don’t My Ideas Take Flight?”

by | Jul 11, 2019

Extraordinary ideas and creative solutions will never take off with perfection at the helm. Why? Perfection is the enemy of great. Seeking to do things perfectly is a surefire way to hold yourself back from being innovative in ways that can lead to incredible results.

For many of us, however, seeking perfection becomes the goal in and of itself. We can too easily lose sight of the ultimate goal of becoming more and more like Christ in everything we do.

So our job, then, is not to seek perfection, but to trust that He will complete the work in us. Ultimately, as Christ says in John 15:5, our job is to abide. So take rest in Christ. Trust that He has the best in mind for you, because apart from Him, even the best thought-out plans will never take flight.

For more, read the post, “Great Requires Letting Go of Perfect,” by Catherine Gates.

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