Workmatters Board of Directors Welcomes Sheerah Davis

by | Feb 4, 2022

Happy Friday friends, we have some really exciting news to share today!

Over 18 years ago, we set out on a mission – to close the gap between faith and work. And since then, God has used Workmatters to reach millions of leaders of faith across thousands of companies.


Today, Workmatters is excited to welcome new board member, Sheerah Davis, to its Board of Directors.

Sheerah is a seasoned human resources strategist who is passionate about employee engagement and leading through change. Currently the Chief People Officer at dentsu Sports International, she has built over 20 years of experience across various industries including public relations, advertising and marketing, healthcare, and distribution.

See what Sheerah had to say about her new role with Workmatters and her passion for the mission:
As a Christian, my faith has always been the driving force in my life, but early in my career I realized it was easy to feel as if I should shy away from that aspect of my life whenever I was in a work setting. I used to feel a bit of a struggle and contemplated whether I needed to compartmentalize my faith in order to succeed at work. In time, after studying my Bible more, I came to a better understanding that thinking this way couldn’t be further from the truth. My faith and who I am are one in the same, and therefore, I can’t set part of me aside for a later time! With this realization, I began to shift my focus more on thriving at work while leveraging my faith and having the confidence to live out my faith at work without excuse.
What I love about Workmatters is they bring this struggle that so many Christians face into the light and deal with it in a real way that is encouraging and confidence-building, which is why I felt drawn to its mission from the start. Workmatters encourages Christians to live for Christ in their day-to-day work no matter what role or position they happen to be in which is what being a Christian is all about.
I feel so blessed to have recently had the opportunity to work as a mentor to a cohort of faith-driven women through the Workmatters Institute. I gained wonderful new relationships from this experience, and I grew spiritually as well, which I love.
I’m thrilled to be joining this Board of Directors because I appreciate what each member of the board is committed to achieving, which is keeping Christ as our focus in our work and sharing this message with others.
Again, we are elated to have Sheerah’s vast knowledge on our board and her dedication to the mission will only help us reach more leaders of faith and next generation leaders in the years to come.