Workmatters Institute – Young Professionals

work with  purpose  and live on mission.

The Workmatters Institute is a transformational faith and leadership development experience for young professionals who want to integrate their faith and work. Participants will join other like-minded peers in exploring a rich theology of work, learning practical application from live executive speakers, and developing a personal and actionable Faith and Leadership Action Plan. For more than ten years Workmatters has equipped leaders to work with purpose and live on mission through this unique workplace discipleship and career development experience. It is insightful personal growth, deep spiritual growth, and effective leadership growth all in one.

The Workmatters Institute is for anyone who is looking for that next step and looking to grow. The digital institute was particularly beneficial because I was able to meet and learn from people all across the country.

Lauren Kirschblum

Independent Social Business Partner, Alovea

Details & Outcomes.

The Workmatters Institute is not just another Bible study or leadership series. With a new vision for work based in God’s story of renewal and insight from executive speakers to make it practical and actionable, you will be equipped to make an impact for a lifetime.

Who is a good candidate

While our participants come from a variety of industries and experience life-change in different ways, they have a few things in common:

  • They are hungry to grow spiritually and professionally.
  • They value purposeful work.
  • They are passionate about making an impact on people with their work.
  • They are willing to wrestle with theological concepts and practical ideas.

Course Outcomes

The Workmatters Institute offers a proven strategy to:

  • Establish a compelling personal vision for work.
  • Develop new habits that enable long-term growth, both professionally and spiritually.
  • Experience community with other young professionals.
  • Master a framework to initiate change.

Part of Certificate Programs

Workmatters Institute

Course Themes

Professional Development       Spiritual Development

Time: 10 weeks

Location: Little rock, Arkansas

Dates: Fall 2023

Dates coming soon


3-4 hours / week

Reading + Exercises + Class


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Your Guides and Speakers

Workmatters draws from executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from every industry you can imagine, each with a unique faith story and calling to serve Christ in the marketplace. Below are some previous speakers, click the link at the bottom to view all previous speakers.

As a participant in the Workmatters Institute, you will have the opportunity to hear from leaders like these. You will also be taught and led by either our Workmatters Institute Director or Workmatters Institute co-founder.

Cheryl Bachelder

Cheryl Bachelder

Board Member, Chick-Fil-A, US Foods; Former CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Cheryl Bachelder spent 10 years as CEO of Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. from 2007 to 2017, leading the brand’s transformation into a top-performing quick-service chain. Cheryl currently serves as a director and interim CEO at Pier 1 Imports, Inc. She also serves as a director of US Foods Holding Corp (USFD) and is an adviser to Procter & Gamble’s franchising venture, Tide Dry Cleaners. Prior to Popeyes, Cheryl spent years as a leader at companies such as Yum! Brands, Domino’s Pizza, RJR Nabisco, The Gillette Company and Procter & Gamble.

Cheryl is the author of, “Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others”—a reflection of her passion for servant leadership as the path to outstanding performance.

Donnie Smith

Donnie Smith

CEO of Foster Farms; Former CEO of Tyson Foods

Donnie was appointed as president and CEO of Tyson Foods in 2009 and continued through 2016. His passion is the hallmark of his tenure at the company, which he joined in 1980.
Currently Donnie is the President, African Sustainable Agriculture Project which is a nonprofit corporation that has been formed to empower farmers and communities in African countries through the creation of sustainable agriculture endeavors. ASAP  seeks to establish agricultural businesses, enable the development agricultural entrepreneurship, and promote and facilitate education in agricultural practices.
D0nnie is a long-time advocate, speaker and mentor for the Workmatters Institute.
Darrel Harvey

Darrel Harvey

Director, Workmatters Institute

Darrel Harvey has directed the Workmatters Institute since 2019. Building off of a rich background in church leadership, pastoral ministry, and small business, Darrel is an expert spiritual guide and loves walking with young leaders as they navigate calling and career.
Sue Warnke

Sue Warnke

Sr Director of Content & Communications Experience at Salesforce


Sue is the Senior Director of Content Experience at Salesforce and part of the founding team of Faithforce, the fastest-growing employee resource group in Salesforce’s history. She is also the founder of Leanership, an organization that advocates for faith inclusion in the workplace and equips people to represent their faith in the real world.

After converting to Christianity in 2017, Sue helped launch faith groups at various companies and has become a sought after speaker and advocate for faith inclusion in the workplace.

​Her personal mission is to make faith practical by offering real-world strategies.

Sheerah Davis

Sheerah Davis

Chief People Officer at dentsu Sports International

Sheerah is an experienced HR leader with an interest in helping businesses succeed by tying business strategy with results through the effective management of people and processes.

She has over 20 years of experience across various industries including PR, advertising and marketing, healthcare, and distribution. Sheerah enjoys solving problems, building long-lasting relationships and strengthening fun and positive workplace cultures.

Sheerah is passionate about investing in young leaders and is also a Workmatters Institute mentor.

Ben Kirksey

Ben Kirksey

COO, Workmatters; Co-Founder of Workmatters Institute

Ben helped found the Workmatters Institute in 2010 and joined the Workmatters team in 2013 to fully run and grow the program. Today he serves as COO, leading all daily operations of the ministry. He is passionate about helping people develop and flourish, discovering the good works that God has prepared for them (Eph. 2:10).

What You’ll Learn

Every session in the 10-week Workmatters Institute experience features live facilitation and teaching from our expert Workmatters staff, executive speakers, and group discussion with like-minded peer community. See below a more detailed outline of what you’ll learn and experience, and feel free to reach out to Darrel Harvey, Workmatters Institute Director, for more information (dharvey@workmatters.org).

Week 1: Reviewing the Blueprint


  • Participants will understand where WMI is heading and how we will get there.
  • Participants will learn how to share and interpret their story.
  • Participants will experience a practice that will help them probe their stories in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

 Class Flow

  • Mindfulness
  • Course Introduction
    • Outcomes
      • To leave with a new vision for your work by…
        • Understanding God’s 4-chapter story.
        • Integrating the 7 Pillars of Faith & Work into your daily life.
        • Learn the Faith and Leadership Action Plan – a framework for initiating change.
    • Turning Point Profiles
    • Introduce 4-Chapter Gospel Story
    • Weekly Assignment Explanation (5 mins)
      • Reading: The 4-chapter Gospel Story
      • Exercise: The Prayer of Examen

    Week 2: Establishing the Foundation


    • Participants will learn how culture has evolved over time.
    • Participants will be able to identify the driving narratives our culture offers.
    • Participants will understand the implications of culture as a formational power.
    • Participants will introduced to the four-chapter gospel.

    Class Flow

      • Mindfulness
      • Accountability Pod
      • Speaker – The 4-chapter Gospel Story
        • Weekly Assignment
          • Reading: Love at Work
          • Exercise: Write two encouraging notes this week. One to a supervisor and the other to a colleague.

      Weeks 3-9: Constructing the Pillars

      Class Flow

      • Mindfulness
      • Accountability Pod
      • Speaker – One of the 7 Pillars of Faith and Work
        • Weekly Assignment


        Week 10: Setting the Capstone

        Class Flow

        • Mindfulness
        • FLAP Presentations
        • Where do we go from here? Workmatters Tools


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        What Participants Are Saying

        One of the coolest things about the Workmatters Institute digital experience was getting to know people from all around the country who are seeking to glorify the Lord in their work.

        Patricia Rothmeyer

        Soical Media Manager, Field Agent

        The Workmatters Institute brought to light the idea that work was created by God and it was good. Through the institute I was able to grow a deeper understanding that work was created not to be a curse, but an act of worship.

        Trevor Gies

        Senior Marketing Manager, Cobb-Vantress

        Learning to see work as part of God’s plan for the world really impacted how I come in to work every day. I highly recommend the Workmatters Institute for anyone looking for meaning and purpose in their work (with the added bonus of networking with other young professionals and making lasting, meaningful friendships)!

        Lauren Sova

        Customer Experience Representative, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

        WMI helps resolve the tension for those that feel stuck between ambition and purpose and don’t know how to connect the two.

        Dwayne Houston

        National Account Executive, Procter & Gamble

        My experience with the Workmatters Institute was second to none. My entire attitude at work changed and I learned how to appreciate the small wins. Through the digital institute, I met so many wonderful people and it was amazing to hear their stories.

        Brittney Johnson

        Senior Order Fulfillment Manager, Safe Foods

        Apply/Next Steps

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