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Be equipped to redefine your work through the lens of faith. We have twice-weekly work-related scripture and devotional inspiration that we would love to share with you. Each message features a shareable scripture image and brief practical application for your work.

Better together. Workmatters Digital Community.

God designed us for community, both with Him and with others. Living in community with other believers deepens our faith and helps us see beyond ourselves. Finding a community of believers at work can be tough. Either there are very few believers with whom you work closely or you simply lack the time during the day to really connect.

Workmatters created a space where you can share, challenge, and encourage one another as you go about your work week. Sharing God’s Word together is a huge part of this. Tap below to join the Workmatters Community Facebook Group. You’ll find a community of workplace believers just like you, figuring out what it means to close the gap between faith and work.

You may not have an hour to connect over lunch, but you do have a minute to pull up Facebook. Take part in something meaningful. Join the Workmatters Digital Community!

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