Most of us are challenged with increased demands, uncertainty, and stress at work. We often try to navigate those demands as best we can—without God. Many Christians are left wondering if their work matters to God. Work:(Re)Defined is designed to provide a clear and simple understanding on WHY we work, HOW to live your faith at work, and WHO you can influence at work. You’ll be equipped to partner with God at work so the work you do honors God and becomes your ministry.


1.Your Work Matters To God (7 min)

If we’re going to spend 50% of our lives at work, shouldn’t that half of our life really matter? Most people have misplaced purpose in their work – seeing it as a means to an end or as a source of their identity. Work is not god, but work matters to God. In this module, David Roth, President & CEO of Workmatters, talks about God’s original design for work, why we experience difficulty at work, and how we can find meaning in our work and pursue God’s purpose for our work. You’ll discover that your work matters to God.


2.Stay Connected To God At Work (10 min)

Pursuing God’s purpose for work first of all means staying connected to God at work. In this module, Donnie Smith, Former CEO, Tyson Foods, will share how to stay connected to God at work, wherever you work. He’ll discuss ways to talk to God about your work, acknowledge God in your work and develop rhythms for abiding with God continually at work.


3.Work In A Way That Honors God (9 min)

When we honor God with our work, our work contributes to building His kingdom through both what we produce and the influence we have on those with whom we work. In this module, Shelley Simpson, EVP; Chief Commercial Officer; President, Highway Services, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., will share powerful insights and personal stories of how we can honor God with any work that we do, as well as what can happen when we do. You’ll be inspired to give your very best under all circumstances, and equipped to partner with God in your work.


4.Love Others At Work (10 min)

The Greatest Commandment is to love God and love others. It is our operating principle for life. It not only applies to family and friends, but also to work. In this module, Marc Yount, President and COO, Field Agent, Inc., discusses love, the action. He dispels misconceptions about love in the workplace and shares personal stories that inspire and equip you to find ways to love others at work.


5.Work Is Your Mission Field (10 min)

Many Christians go to work with a sense that they need to do missions work to truly please God. In this module, Julio Echegoyen, Walmart International Team Leader, Emerging Markets, P&G, will help you see that your workplace is your mission field. Julio will share personal stories about meeting the needs of others through his work. You’ll be equipped to let your light shine before others in a way that is authentic and relevant. and you’ll discover how you can create more opportunities to influence others at work.