Pursue God’s Purpose
for your work.

At Workmatters, we transform the workplace by equipping Christian leaders to integrate their faith and work.


Join a 10-week course to develop your personal, spiritual and leadership growth in the context of a like-minded Christian community.

A lot of people in my generation say, “I want a job with purpose.” Workmatters reveals and teaches how God has purpose for every person, in any kind of occupation.

Kelsey Boote

Senior Sales Insight Manager, The Harvest Group

The 7 Pillars of Faith & Work

The Workmatters Institute takes participants through the 7 Pillars of Faith & Work as part of personal and professional leadership development. Our executive speakers share their wisdom and marketplace experiences to help leaders learn practical and actionable ways to integrate their faith and work.


Loving God and loving others


Having the wisdom and courage to do what is right every time


Giving your best


Leading strongly with humility


Pursuing work-life equilibrium


Being obedient to God’s calling for our work


Reflecting Jesus through our work, words, and behaviors

Workmatters Institute

God’s purpose for your work far surpasses making a living. The arc of the gospel presents a God who invites ordinary people into His project of redeeming and renewing all things. As you entered the workforce this invitation to transform culture was extended to you.

Workmatters Institute is a transformational faith and leadership experience for young professionals and senior leaders who want to integrate their faith and work. For more than 19 years Workmatters has equipped Christian leaders to work with purpose and live on mission through this unique workplace discipleship and career development experience.

Workmatters through its various resources has helped me live out my faith in the workplace. Workmatters Institute has given me deeper understanding into how important work is to God and how He uses work to tell the story of redemption and truth.

Jose Socorro

Logistics Manager, OK Foods Inc

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