Workmatters Institute

work with  purpose  and live on mission.

The Workmatters Institute is a transformational faith and leadership development experience for young professionals and senior leaders who want to integrate their faith and work. Participants will join other like-minded peers in exploring a rich theology of work, learning practical application from executive speakers, and developing a practical and actionable Faith and Leadership Action Plan.

For more than twenty years Workmatters has equipped leaders to work with purpose and live on mission through this unique workplace discipleship and career development experience. It is insightful personal growth, deep spiritual growth, and effective leadership growth all in one.

The Workmatters Institute brings clarity to the purpose of work, and the personal and professional development is mind-boggling. You can never approach your work the same.

Kali Davis

Vice President, Harvest Group

Why join?

experience Lasting Impact.

The Workmatters Institute is not just another Bible study or leadership series. With a new vision for work based in God’s story of renewal and insight from executive speakers to make it practical and actionable, you will be equipped to make an impact for a lifetime.

While our participants come from a variety of industries and experience life-change in different ways, they have a few things in common: they care about their faith, care about purposeful work, and care about making an impact on people in their work.

“So many of us tend to keep work and leadership separate from our faith, but the institute forces you to start with a foundation of faith and build into leadership principles which was great.”

eddie mraz
Specialty Services Manager, ASBTDC

“The Institute helped show me how to work on developng myself first, so I could show up as a better leader for everyone else.”

Nicole yung
Director, Harvest Group

“It was so good to be around other young professionals, like myself, encouraging one another and challenging one another in each of the areas of study.”

Lauren Kirschblum
Independent Social Business Partner, Alovea

A Proven Experience

The Workmatters
Institute Course

1. Theology of Work. You’ll learn how work fits in the full story of God: the four-chapter Gospel of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Renewal. Through readings, exercises, teaching and facilitated discussion, you will develop a working theological framework and begin to get clarity on how you can participate in God’s story of renewal.

2. Executive Speaker Series. Focused on practical application, you will learn from Executive Speakers on the Workmatters Seven Pillars of Faith and Work: love, calling, balance, integrity, excellence, serving, influence. Through weekly devotionals, executive speaker talks and discussion, you’ll learn how to practically apply your faith and become a more effective leader.

3. Faith and Leadership Action Plan. Driving toward action, you’ll put the theological framework and practical application to work by creating a plan that 1) identifies an area of brokenness in your work, 2) articulates a vision for renewal, 3) determines specific next actions needed to close that gap, and 4) commits to habits and practices that will support these actions. The Faith and Leadership Action Plan is not simply a capstone project, but a living theme throughout the WMI experience and a process that you will apply over a lifetime. Past participants have created varied plans that include forming resource groups, addressing broken team communications channels and leading startups based on workplace authenticity.

The Workmatters Institute is an opportunity to learn a deeper understanding of faith and how that flows right into your professional pursuits – I definitely encourage people to join.

Cedric Fonville


current Workmatters institute Experiences

Our current Workmatters Institute experiences are listed below. Our 10-week courses are 100% video-based, curated and designed to help Christian leaders in the workplace integrate their faith and work.

If you are interested in hosting a class within your organization or small group at church, please reach out to to Darrel Harvey, Workmatters Institute Director, for more information (dharvey@workmatters.org).

WMI Fall Digital Class

WMI – Northwest Arkansas

Accelerate your professional and spiritual development with a national cohort of like-minded peers and executive speakers.


10 Weeks

To Be Announced

Tuesdays, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. CST

March 26-May 28


2-3 hours / week

Reading + Exercises + Class

7 executive speakers


WMI Fall Digital Class

WMI – Online

Accelerate your professional and spiritual development with a national cohort of like-minded peers and executive speakers.


10 Weeks


Wednesdays, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. CST

March 27-May 29


2-3 hours / week

Reading + Exercises + Class

7 Executive speakers


faith & leadership action plan
: Facing Conflict

The Faith & Leadership Action Plan is a way for young leaders to get personal and specific about integrating their faith and work. For Patricia Rothmeyer, account manager at Field Agent, the Institute helped her see that her first step in bringing renewal to her organization started with her – to face the all-too-common tendency of downplaying or avoiding conflict. Check out her story and how God is impacting the team through her.

Executive Leaders on Call

Connect with world-class speakers and mentors.

Workmatters draws from executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from every industry you can imagine, each with a unique faith story and calling to serve Christ in the marketplace. Take a look at some of our regular speakers below.

Cheryl Bachelder

Cheryl Bachelder

Board Member at Chick-Fil-A, US Foods

Donnie Smith

Donnie Smith

President and CEO, Foster Farms

Sheerah Davis

Sheerah Davis

Chief People Officer, Merkle Americas

Henry Ho

Henry Ho

Cofounder & Chief Strategy Officer at Field Agent

Elise Mitchell

Elise Mitchell

Three-Time CEO, Leadership Strategist, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

Mitch Bettis

Mitch Bettis

President of Arkansas Business Publishing Group

What Participants Are Saying

The Workmatters Institute is such a rewarding experience, not only to grow to your faith but also to grow in your workspace as well. Through the WMI, I learned how to be a better leader for myself and for my team.

Chris Diaz

Market President, Peoples Bank

I believe that the theology and tools that Workmatters equips people with have the potential to reignite the passion in your job, find balance in your life, and enrich your working years to come. Workmatters has helped me find peace in my work.

Katherine Mitchell

Human Centered Design Lead, Tyson Foods

WMI helps resolve the tension for those that feel stuck between ambition and purpose and don’t know how to connect the two.

Dwayne Houston

National Account Executive, Procter & Gamble

What excited me about the institute was the idea that it focused on leadership and excellence in the workplace as well as my core world view and values, teaching me how to balance my ambition and goal setting with working for the glory of God.

Anna Leone

Talent Acquisistion Partner, AlertMedia

I now feel equipped with a solid foundation of how to be a faith-based leader and how to appropriately and effectively be an ambassador of Jesus in the workplace. I'm grateful for my newfound knowledge of the faith-and-work theology, for my new friends and peers who share this journey, and for the structured mentorship from a local business leader.

Parker Stewart

VP of Sales, SupplyPike

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